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idk they sound like a nerd

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one of those… bike dudes….
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im having a little trouble raising money for my gofundme and im gonna beg my blog for some help again.
im 18, disabled, queer and i am being kicked out of my house september 1st. but i have bills.

i NEED this money because my government insurance has expired now that im not a high school student and i cant pay my bills from when i was in the emergency room for a suicide attempt. i have NO MONEY to use to move out and no money to pay these bills. i was laid off from my job at chipotle because my fibromyalgia was causing me too much pain to work long shifts and instead of being helped out i was let go. my commissions arent making enough to cut it.

my mother has cripplingly bad OCD and bipolar disorder that have worsened over the years. she cannot cope with these things and often takes her fits of rage out on me. she is my sole parent after my deadbeat father’s suicide and i am ridiculed and hit for mundane reasons i cannot help. she also insists on calling me dirty even though im very clean because of her cleaning OCD. im moving out with my girlfriend in oklahoma (im moving from ohio) for a safe, loving environment. my mother also doesnt respect me whatsoever and treats my (diagnosed) depression and PTSD like they arent real disorders and i need to be taken seriously. i need to get far away.

without this money i may have to stay in ohio longer than i need to. i will do art for you. i will skype with you. i will provide moral support and beauty advice or anything you need as a friend just help me get some fucking money. please.

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*unfollows* im finally free from this meme hell

yea uve rid urself of my memes…. but youre forever stuck with the memes inside of you……………………………………


Trying to keep track of which of my mutuals hate each other like


pls unfollow me